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Die Vorteile der LED-Module in AC-Technik nutzt Ingo Maurer für seine Designerlampen:
Auf einem Modul finden sowohl Stromversorgung als auch IC-Chips Platz. 

Artikel erschienen in Elektronikpraxis Nr. 7 vom 7.4.2016

LED professional - Review

LED professional - Review

230 VAC Driven LED Modules with Strongly Reduced Flicker

"One of the continuing trends in LED lighting is toward AC driven LED modules. Big progress has been made regarding dimmability and reduction of flicker. However, there are still differences in the various concepts that lead to very different results. Wolfgang Endrich, founder and managing director of euroLighting presents a recently improved new concept to significantly reduce flicker."

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LED professional - Review Nov/Dez 2015 pdf

LED, professional, Review, Nov 2015, AC Driven Modules, Strongly Reduced Flicker