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Project Illumination Nagold Viaduct - 530 Meter

Street Projects

Reference Project Nagold Industrial Area

The conversion of 650 street lamps to LED tubes. The industrial area Wolfsberg in Nagold, Germany, was opened 20 years ago in order to give local companies the opportunity to leave the restrictions of the valley and to build spacious production plants on flat land. The lighting was originally done via neon tubes (T8). In order to save costs it was decided to convert to LED tubes with 22 W.

Cost of energy per year:

  • before: €25.192
  • after: €9.556

Total cost for duration of use:

  • before: €365.715
  • after: €130.000

Cost of Investment: €26.488

Reference Project Nagold industrial area pdf

Reference Project Street Lighting Floh-Seligenthal

The large municipality Floh-Seligenthal replaced 1,300 streetlamps with LED lamps. The community recently switched Mercury vapour lamps to euroLighting's EcoX streetlamps for the entire town as well as for paths along the nature reserve "Thüringer Wald". The lamps have a radiation angle of 360°. Due to the E27 socket only the power supply (KVG or VVG) needs to be disconnected. The Mercury vapour lamps with 80 W were replaced with LED lamps of 20 respectively 30 W. This resulted in an immediate reduction of energy costs for the community of over 60% i.e. 37,000.00 €, not including the minor maintenance costs.

PLEASE NOTE: The investment was made in 2016. Our new Cornbulbs no longer require rewiring!

Reference Project Floh-Seligenthal pdf

Reference Project Illumination of the Historical Center of Tübingen

Tübingen is the second oldest university town in Germany. The historical city centre is well preserved and in part still contains historical half-timbered houses dating back to the 16th century. In keeping with the style of the historical city centre "night watchmen" similar lamps were chosen for the illumination 10 years ago. These were fitted with Mercury vapour lamps, which were banned in 2015. All old lamps were replaced by EcoX Citylights, cylindrical LED lamps which have a radiation angle of 360° and also radiate down. Instead of the previous 80 W these lamps require only 20 W. Hence the city of Tübingen was able to reduce it's energy consumption by approx. 64% or 12,000.00 €. This investment paid off within two years. Not included in this calculation are the significantly reduced maintenance and cleaning costs over the course of the long lifetime of the lamps. The exchange of the lamps itself is very simple. The existing power supply (KVG, VVG) is disconnected and the new lamp is screwed into the E27 socket. The city fathers opted for a light colour of 3,000 - 3,500 K. In total 450 lamps were converted.

PLEASE NOTE: The investment was made in 2016. Our new Cornbulbs no longer require rewiring!

Reference Project Illumination of the Historical Centre of Tübingen pdf