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Project Illumination Nagold Viaduct - 530 Meter

Shop Projects

Reference Project Lambertus Pharmacy

The Lambertus pharmacy in Haltern, Germany, previously used fluorescent tubes in their coffered ceiling. The client wanted to considerably reduce the cost of electricity of EUR 1,500.-. It was our suggestion to  replace the old panel inserts with modern LED panel lights. The number of light points could be reduced from 20 to 19 while considerably improving the lighting of both the room and the merchandise. The cost of electricity was reduced by EUR 1,000.-. The cost of investment of EUR 2,300.- was amortized within 2 - 3 years - mainly due to the reduction in the cost of electricity.

Reference Project Lampertus Pharmacy pdf

Reference Project Illumination Bicycle Dealer

A small but fitting example of the efficiency of LED lamps: It was fairly dark in the storage room of a bicycle dealer. He was looking for an economical but significant improvement of the lighting of his storage room. The current lighting situation included 48 fluorescent tubes with 60 Watt each. The tubes burnt 10 hours a day. It was our suggestion to replace the fluorescent tubes with six cylindrical LED lamps with 30W each. The light of the lamps radiated 360°. In addition, the lamps were supplemented with a motion detector so that the light was only switched on for 5 minutes when the room was entered. The power consumption was thus reduced from 10 hours / day to max. 3 hours / day i.e. from 28.8 KWh to 540 Wh. In a projection to 300 days per year, cost of energy 0.22€ / Kwh, this amounted to a reduction in costs of 3,801.60€ / year, with two storage rooms to 71.28€. A total savings of 3,730.20€ - a reduction in costs of 80%.

Reference Project Illumination Bicycle Dealer pdf

Reference Project Shop Illumination

A chain of department stores, which operates several retail stores in the Baden-Württemberg area of Germany, was dissatisfied with the current lighting situation in their consumer markets. The solution was the retrofitting to LED tubes with 22W operating performance.

Cost of energy per year:

  • before: €11.664
  • after: €3.564

Total cost for duration of use:

  • before: €155.691
  • after: €46.322

Amortization after: 2,13 Jahre

Reference Project Shop Illumination