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Project Illumination Nagold Viaduct - 530 Meter

Office Projects

Reference Project Office Illumination

The customer is an energy- and resource-conscious as well as cost-oriented company which deals with the entire process chain of compressed air. Over the decades, the customer has collected valuable experience in the supply of compressed and pressurized air as well as in the management and application of pressurized air and is thus able to offer services and products for the entire compressed air process.

In order to reduce the power consumption the company replaced T8 tubes with energy efficient LED technology. Cost of investment: 30,000.00 € less government support of 30 % = 21,000.00 €. Amortization period: 1.75 years. The annual cost of energy was thus reduced from 35,000.00 € to 23,000.00 €. This high reduction in energy cost was only possible due to the use of durable LED tubes. Such a high reduction in energy cost is only possible by switching neon-tubes to LED-tubes or panels, for instance in application in ceiling grids.

The light colour can be chosen between 2700 - 6000 K. The latest light management via dimming and DALI is also possible.

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