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Project Illumination Nagold Viaduct - 530 Meter


Reference Project Warehouse Nagold

Reference Project Warehouse Nagold

A newly constructed warehouse of 1.200 m2 floor space was equipped with a light band system. The owner was not satisfied with the previous lighting of the floor space and was bothered by the high cost of power. Our suggestion was to switch to T8 LED tubes.

Operating costs per year:

  • before: €17.669
  • after: €7.920
  • total saving: €9.749

Cost of investment: €13.670

Years needed for amortization: 1,4 years

Reference Project Warehouse Nagold pdf

Reference Project Cold Storage

A famous chain of cold storage warehouses wanted to modernize the lighting in their warehouses. The forklift drivers complained of poor lighting conditions especially when loading / unloading the upper shelves. A particular challenge were the low temperatures of below - 40° C. Previously mercury vapour lamps were used. The solution was high power LED spots which are suitable for low temperatures.

Energy cost per year:

  • before: €17.010
  • after: €5.670
  • total savings: €11.340

Cost of investment: €37.800

Years needed for amortisation: 3,4 years

Reference Project Cold Storage