Project Illumination Nagold Viaduct - 530 Meter
Project illumination Nagold Viaduct
AC Module with integrated driver (DCOB)
Lamp 18x18 with ac module 20W
HSL - Human Sun Lighting

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SMD Light Diodes and COB with sunlight-similar spectrum

For millions of years human kind spent most of their day outside. It was only through the industrialization that one moved into closed rooms in order to perform one's job. This has had significant consequences for the human body which to date have not been recognized as such and have therefore not been remedied.

It was only through the development of light diodes which develop a sunlike spectum that it became possible to offer people a sunlike spectrum in closed rooms with all the amenities: These include well being during the day, less tiring, less stress-occurrences, a better ability to concentrate, in part a better sleep behaviour and many symptoms of illness which, up to date, had not been linked to a lack of sun - such as osteoporosis, bad teeth in young children, skin diseases, eczema and so on. With the help of our products it is possible to create a sunlike spectrum which never has the intensity of the sun and is therefore completely harmless and can, for example, not cause sunburn.

Generell LED light
Eyesight Protection Lighting

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