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Project Illumination Nagold Viaduct - 530 Meter

Customer Specific

LED boards according to customer-specific requirements

Flexibility is our strength, individual solutions for our customers form an integral part of our corporate philosophy. At euroLighting we have set ourselves the goal of developing the exact products our customers need. With a tailor-made product selection and individual solutions, we ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The speciality of our company are customer-specific AC LED boards in driverless technology.

The right solution for your application - individual LED boards

euroLighting LED boards are available in round, linear and rectangular designs. The largest dimensions of the available modules are: Width 1200 mm and length 480 mm. The modules contain the light emitting diodes as well as the entire driver electronics, consisting of rectifier, varistor, fuse and capacitors, and can optionally be supplied with ADELS / WAGO plug connections or solder connections. It is also possible to solder wire connections of any length according to customer requirements.

A new product group are linear modules for use in HCL applications equipped with light emitting diodes of different light colours, as well as taped light emitting diodes according to customer specifications.

The examples below for LED boards developed by us only give an exemplary insight into the structural possibilities. The best thing to do is to discuss with us in detail what an optimal solution for your application might look like. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you personally.

We look forward to your non-binding request – by phone or via contact form.

Measurements: 286 x 86 mm; 
Light output: min. 2.500 lm; 
CCTI 5.700 - 6.500 K; 
Power: approx. 20W

Measurements: 80 x 80 mm; 
Power dissipation: 40 W; 
Light output: 3800 lm

Measurements: 39,9 x 39,9 mm; 
Power dissipation: 6,5 W; 
Light output: 5000 lm

Measurements: Ø 50 mm; 
Power dissipation: 10 / 14 / 20 / 25 W; 
Light output suitable for up to 3000 lm; 
CRI: 80 up to > 90

Universal power supply; 
Measurements: 60 x 108 mm; 
Power dissipation: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 W

Measurements: 37 x 137 mm; 
Power dissipation: 13 W; 
Light output: 1300 lm