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Project Illumination Nagold Viaduct - 530 Meter

LED-Luminaries in driverless AC Technology

Our range of distributed luminaries were either developed by ourselves in Germany or were developed in cooperation with affiliated companies in Asia. They are based on LED in driverless technology - i.e. they all work without conventional power supply.

Our range of products includes, among others, retrofit lightbulbs and candles, ceiling and wall spots, lightpanels for coffered ceilings, T8 tubes in standard lengths as well as high bay lamps with performances up to 150 W. Due to the multitude of models offered we are only able to show a selection of a number of chosen products. We highly recommend that you contact us with your specific enquiry - even if the desired luminary is currently not shown on our website.

Please note that we are unable to deliver single modules. Deliveries will be made exclusively under consideration of the packaging unit.

Quality from experience - LED-luminaries according to the highest standards

Products in our range of distributed luminaries can not be compared to cheap Asian products due to our high quality standards and lifetime. In our experience "cheap" can become very expensive for customers in the end which can not be in the interest of our obligation to our customers regarding high quality.

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LUNGO LED Light - Product catalogue

LUNGO LED Light Leuchtmittel Katalog

LUNGO - LED LIGHT - AC Direct Driving LED Light - RFsemi

This catalogue offers an overview of luminaries which we distribute. We also offer a wide range of modules, made according to customer specifications.


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Category Illuminants

LED T8 Tubes

Clear and frosted cover tube

LED T8 tubes serve as replacement for conventional and polluting fluorescent tubes (neon tubes).

With a standard socket G13 and lengths of von 600; 900; 1200; 1500mm euroLighting's LED tubes are a true alternative to their outdated predecessor.

LED tubes are available for EVG, VVG or KVG ballast.

Of course LED tubes outperform the old technology with regard to lifetime, power consumption and quality of light.

LED Retrofit

The term LED retrofit refers to lamps with an E27 or E14 base in which light-emitting diodes are used. These are available in different light colours and electric power.

LED lamps replace the well known light bulbs in household, office and other applications. LED retrofits are much more efficient and have a longer life expectancy than conventional luminaries or energy saving lamps. 

LED Spots

LED spots act as a replacement for halogen spots with MR16 GU5.3 respective GU10 base.

These also offer a large variety of different power and luminous colours.

LED Spotlights (built in ceiling)

With high-quality and decorative LED spotlights lighting solutions both at home and at the office can be realized. A simple installation and a large selection make the LED tracklights a good fit for many different situations.

New: 360° rotation recessed downlight LED

LED Mirrored Lamps

LED mirrored lamps are especially suitable for indirect lighting.

They create a very pleasant light.

Due to the silver lining of the upper part of the lamp the glare is kept to a minimum.

They can be screwed directly into the E27 or E14 base.

ALADIN LED Retrofit Module MINI

The main application area of this luminary is exterior- and streetlighting.

However, the LED retrofit modules offered by euroLighting are also suitable for application in interior lighting for industrial buildings, warehouses, etc. The patented ESSB protective circuit allows for a very easy conversion of high bay lamps, ceiling lamps or large suspended luminaries. The conformity of the lamp remains valid due to the fact that merely the illuminant is replaced.

Rubrik Other Products

LED Panels for Panel Ceilings

euroLighting's LED panel lights allow you to replace old and inefficient panel lights. With standard measurements of 30x120, 60x120, 60 x 60 or 62 x 62 LED the LED panels are made to fit into most panel ceilings. The very high light emitting efficiency combined with low electricity consumption and a high color rendering makes these panels ideal for a number of applications including offices, schools, shops.

Products with Sunlightspectrum

Worldwide first products with sunlightspectrum

4,800K + 3,200K. Ra95.

Revolutionary illuminating technology.

Eyesight protection illumination.

Eyesight Protection Product - Bulb A19

Power: 9W

Efficacy lm/W: 97lm/W

Lumen: 880 lm

CRI / Ra: Ra 95

CCT: 4,800K + 3,200K

Weight: 110g

Eyesight Protection Product - PAR30

Power: 12W

Efficacy lm/W: 87lm/W

Lumen: 1,050 lm

CRI / Ra: Ra 95

CCT: 4,800K + 3,200 K

Weight: 230 g

Eyesight Protection Product - Downlight

Power: 15W

Efficacy lm/W: 90lm/W

Lumen: 1,350 lm

CRI / Ra: Ra 92

CCT: 4,800K + 3,200K

Weight: 250g

LED High Bay Lamps

euroLighting's LED high bay lamps are the best alternative for mercury vapour or phosphor tubes. The good quality of light allows staff to work in a non-tiring work light and best illumination of the working place according to existing norms. Due to the very good and even light level accidents are prevented and performance is raised. Naturally the LED high bay lamps are available in a variety of powers and luminous colours. It is also possible to realize numerous installation varieties.

LED Tracklights

No matter if office, store or faire - tracklights help to realize very flexible and elegant lighting solutions. Carrier and feed of the tracklights is a triple phase track. The choice of track, Eutrac, Global or Mega, is irrelevant.

Luminaries with integrated light sensor day / night

  • Hallways / Entrances

  • Stairways

  • Illumination of gardens

  • Etc.

These products are luminaries with integrated light sensor which automatically switches the luminary on when the level of light sinks below 100-400 lux and switches back off once the light level is brightened - for instance due to the rising sun.

Available are retrofit bulbs, flood lights and spots for internal and external application in buildings.

LED Lightband Systems

euroLighting Smart-L Broschüre pdf

Lightband Systems are the ideal solution for applications in trade and industry and as replacement of T8 tube systems. Due to the high flexibility, simple installation and low wiring effort the interference in building structures is kept to a minimum. SMART-L is an innovative product which combines high luminous efficiency, simple installation and ideal design.

Eurolighting Smart-L Flyer pdf