Project Illumination Nagold Viaduct - 530 Meter
Project illumination Nagold Viaduct
AC Module with integrated driver (DCOB)
Lamp 18x18 with ac module 20W
HSL - Human Sun Lighting

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We can supply sunlight

LED Chips with sunlike light spectrum

Natural sunlight is the benchmark in the development of all illumination. In standard LED operated lamps the light spectrum (meaning sunlike light spectrum) is not generated ideally. In our LED bulbs and other products we have improved this issue in the properties of our products substantially.

In our innovative LED bulbs special light-emitting diodes have additionally integrated into the lamp in the crucial range (wave range 496 to 500 nm / 650 nm). By adding this important light spectrum, the rod and cone cells contained in the eye are especially activated.

See better with our LED bulbs and other luminaries

The color of the LED bulb and luminaries has positive effects on humans. It can, for instance, serve to prevent tiring of the eyes, improve concentration and therefore labour efficiency and is effective against melancholy. Further, an improvement of eyesight occurs which manifests itself in a better recognition and reading ability of small print. The "enhancement" of the colour spectrum by 650 nm – 680 nm increases the intensity of colour, especially in the sector red, as well as the recognition of dark blue / black.

Extensive studies conducted in Korean / Japanese hospitals as well as empirical studies of 100 test subjects in Germany have confirmed this positive effect.

Products available in this technology are:

• 9W-bulbs with E27-socket

• Spots in different built

• Ceiling lights

• Installation modules for coffered ceilings

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New lighting-technology

Lighting for protection and improvement of eyesight

(on the basis of research and development results of the company Lumigreen Ltd., Korea)

A better light changes everything

Today lighting is not just an end in itself as illumination but is also used for interior decoration, emotional relaxation and other purposes and thus helps in all aspects of our daily activities. Unfortunately we are hardly aware of the negative impact on our health and eyesight of bad lighting or too much lighting.


- Overview

- Principle of lighting for the protection of eyesight

- Advantages of the new lighting for the protection of eyesight

- Patents on the lighting for the protection of eyesight

- Illumination products

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Publications on the subject:

Light: An Element in the Ergonomics of Learning

Article published by Laurence D. Martel, Ph. D.

President of the "National Academy of Integrative Learing, Inc.", Hilton Head Island, S.C., U.S.A.

There is a wealth of research indicating that the ergonomics of an environment significantly improve or retard individual and group learning performance. These elements include light, sound enhancement, color, room design, temperature, and instructional design and energy distribution. What follows is a discussion on the element of "light" as a contributor to the enhancement of learning performance and achievement.

Light: An Element in the Ergonomics of Learning - pdf