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Project Illumination Nagold Viaduct - 530 Meter

AC Driverless Technology

LED-modules in AC driverless technology

- in cooperation with RFsemi -

Our LED-modules in driverless technology combine the LED- and driver technology on one joint circuit board. The previously used LED power supply (driver) is no longer required. The advantages are obvious: Away from expensive and bulky power supply towards LED-modules which contain everything on one aluminium PCB and can be delivered ready for connecting to be built into the body housing.

Learn about the advantages of our products: The modules of euroLighting are a cost-effective and compact solution for all luminaries designers. The large selection of different combinations of performance, colour temperature and connectors offer the manufacturer numerous possibilities.

Cost-effective, compact and versatile - euroLighting's efficient LED-modules

Our AC-modules are homogenously dimmable, nearly free of flickering and have a very good thermal de-warming due to the decentralized placement of the driver electronics. The temperature of the chip is further monitored by an NTC. The operating life of the entire system (LED and driver) corresponds to > 50.000 working hours.

In the following catalogues you will find further information regarding our delivery programme. Our experts will be glad to answer any further questions that you may have. Take up contact and allow us to provide you with a non-binding offer. It will be our pleasure to find the best possible solution for your customer specific requirements.


Light in One Part 2.2 / 2017

Chip LED and power supply on one circuit board by AC technology


In this catalogue you will find a comprehensive overview of the products of our company. This updated version of the catalogue is significantly expanded and improved. The contents include DMA and ZHAGA as well as customer specific products of our company.

Light in one part 2.2 Download

Temperature measurements at euroLighting AC modules series DMXXX

Light in One Part 3

Pictures made with thermal camera to depict temperature measurements on AC modules series DMXXX.

All measurements were made with the same heat sink at a room temperature of 20° C. Measurements were taken after 20 minutes working time of the LED. The measurements were made with a thermal camera by manufacturer FLIR-13.

Light in One part 3 Download

Light in One Part 6

Catalogue and specifications for LED standard modules in 3 - 40 W and 230 V AC direct driving

The catalogue contains the following data sheets (further datasheets available on request):

DM3001 3W

DM3301 5W

DM4601 9W

DM3002 9W

DM5001 13W

DM5401 15W

DM5403 30W

DM5402 40W

Light in One part 6 Download

Zhaga Case Design for book3 compatibility