Project Illumination Nagold Viaduct - 530 Meter
Project Illumination
AC Module with integrated driver (DCOB)
Lamp 18x18 with ac module 20W
HSL - Human Sun Lighting

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Our delivery programm is composed of lighting products based on LED technology

It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without today's LED technology with it's continuously growing importance. Sustainable, energy-saving and durable are all fitting attributes of light emitting diodes (LED).

In the past several years LED technology has made significant leaps in development and today offers a wide range of solutions for the illumination in the area of home, office, outdoor, street and industry.

The company euroLighting recognized these advantages very early and has put all efforts on this technology from the beginning. 

In a crucial step of the development process we began to introduce our in-house developed driver technology into our products.

This so called "AC driverless technology" replaces the LED driver which is prone to failing and thus allows a much longer lifespan of LED products 

In developing our delivery program we have included only products of the highest quality. In the entire chain of delivery we have an eye on high dependability, reliability and technical knowhow of our suppliers.

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AC Driverless Technology

Our LED modules in driverless AC technology combine LED and driver electronics on one joint circuit board. The previously used LED power supply (driver) is no longer required. The advantages are obvious: Away from expensive and bulky power supply, LED module on aluminium PCB, which contain the entire electronic circuit and can be delivered ready for connecting to be built into the body housing. Our new AC technology provides you with a dimmable, nearly flicker free PCB. Due to the even distribution of the driver electronics on the entire PCB we are able to eliminate hotspots. The lifespan of the entire system (LED and driver) is > 50.000 working hours. The light-emitting diodes are dimmed simultaneously and evenly. Due to an integrated NTC the temperatures > 85° C are limited. Ra 80 (or Ra 90 available on request).

Due to the flat built totally new designs in lamps become possible which could previously not be realized.

We offer different shapes of these modules: Round, linear, zhaga book 3 conform, high power modules as well as customer specific modules - optional with solder- or plug-connection or connecting wired of any desired length. We offer different shapes of these modules: Round, linear, zhaga book 3 conform, high power modules as well as customer specific modules - optional with solder-connection or plug-connection or connecting wire of any desired length.

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Outdoor- and Streetlamps

Rationally speaking, streetlamps create security in residential areas, streets, sidewalks and city centres. But they offer so much more: They shape and alter the appearance of cities after nightfall.

Exterior lighting is exposed to the most difficult of climatic conditions. This is why dependable products are so important. In our AC driverless lamp series SIRIUS we have developed a lamp which is highly dependable and efficient - night after night, in summer and in winter and through whose light a sense of safety and security is created.

Our technologically matured and highly efficient AC lamps are ideally suited to provide light in all areas - like p.e. streets, pedestrian zones, public facilities, parking lots and more.





LED Luminaries

Our range of distributed luminaries were either developed by ourselves in Germany or were developed in cooperation with affiliated companies in Asia.

They are all based on light-emitting diodes in AC technology - meaning they all work without conventional power supply. Our range of products includes retrofit light bulbs and candles, ceiling and wall spots, light panels for coffered ceilings, T8 tubes in standard lengths as well as high bay lamps with performance up to 150 W.

Due to the multitude of models we are only able to show a selection of a number of chosen products. We highly recommend that you contact us with your specific inquiry.

Unfortunately we are unable to consider orders for single items. Deliveries will be made exclusively under consideration of the packaging unit.

Products in our range of distributed luminaries can not be compared to cheap Asian productions due to our high quality standards and longevity.

In our experience, "cheap" can become very expensive for customers in the end which can not be in the interest of our obligation to our customers regarding high quality.


Lighting Projects

Under the category "Projects" you will find a selection of our realized projects. The overview of projects can only depict a small part of the numerous projects which we have carried out over the course of the years to the full satisfaction of our customers. Projects include one large-scale project - the nightly illumination of a road bridge in Nagold with a length of 530 meters, street lighting in industrial and rural areas, projects in schools, grocery stores, a watchmaker shop and jewellery store, hairdressers, large warehouses of transport companies and others.

The light planning is done in-house using DIAL software. The installation work is done in cooperation with partner companies - always under our careful supervision and construction management. The customer's wishes, ideas and specifications are carefully analysed and ultimately realized.



Customer Specific

Customer specific LED circuit boards in round, linear or square shape are a specialty of our company. The largest possible dimensions of modules deliverable are: width 1500 mm and length 480 mm. The modules include the lighting diodes as well as the entire driver electronics consisting of rectifier, varistor, fuse and capacitor. Modules can be delivered either with plug connectors brand ADELS / WAGO or solder connectors. It is further possible to solder wire connectors in any desired length.